About Audicle..

Audicle is a Canadian company with an extensive experience in the IT industry under various domains, providing quality customer service and technology solutions to its partners and customers. Delivering IT solutions to customers in Europe, North America and India, our team has the global experience committed to providing outstanding customer service and secured data solutions. 

Audicle Team


Audicle Inc. is a unique Information Technology Service provider carefully crafted to handle the business challenges in the technology sector. We have software and web hosting and redundant backup solutions designed to mitigate and resolves issues that arises in your day-to-day business processes. Therefore we have designed a unique network of consultants, Application Solution Providers (ASP's), Value Added Reseller's (VAR's) and Business Process Outsourcer's (BPO). This gives us a specialization into various industries, sectors and applications. 

Audicle currently demonstrates experiences in Health Care, Real Estate, Retail & Distribution along with New Venture and Start-Up Consulting. We are striving to expand and grow to other markets by partnering with solution providers and customers.