eCommerce and mCommerce

The ultimate goal isn’t just a successful launch – it’s getting your company measurable bottom line results. Our ecommerce and mcommerce solution can bring value both for your businesses present and future growth. Websites can be designed to be responsive to mobile platform or fully fledged apps that can be work in an iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows platforms integrated with social media.

Audicle's market-proven eCommerce business solution enables software companies to rapidly embrace industry shifts, reach customers effectively, and adopt new business models with a view to optimizing profitable revenue across online, mobile and offline channels.

We have experience in working with numerous e-commerce and m-commerce platform including open source platform such as OSCommerce, OSCDox, ZenCart, Magento and paid platform such as Shopify, Volusion, NetSuite etc.

Our experience not only limits us in working with existing platforms but also in creating a unique and customized ecommerce shopping channels for your unique business needs.These can be programmed in all the industry standard software languages such as PhP, DHTML, ASP.Net, Java etc. and the popular databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, Access DB etc.