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Who we serve

Every industry is distinct from the others. We provide one-of-a-kind solutions and design software tailored to your industry’s specific requirements. The guarantee you can have from our services and custom software solutions is that they are specifically created, developed, and adapted to fit the demands and requirements of various sectors.


Media & Sports

To earn success in the increasingly competitive media and sports market one must have a clear approach to opportunities and dangers. The two sides that need attention are viewing experience and customer preference. Our expertise in the XR domain, display technology, and web-based outreach can help us address these. Our extensive knowledge in mobile SDK development & integration, VR media streaming support can provide viewers high-quality immersive viewing experience. We assure growth in client revenue by making you understand customer preference through our data analytics & visualization skills. Some of our notable projects are the VR live streaming of the Winter Olympics 2018, World Kabaddi tournament 2016, multiple editions of NBA and NFL tournaments. All of this bought us some of our most prestigious customers, including Fortune 500 companies, Voke, CDIT, and OTN.


Industrial & Manufacturing

Industry 5.0 harnesses a new level of efficiency by combining the power of human discretion and machine-led automation. Machine incorporation, data analytics-based strategization, and other advancements in the industrial and manufacturing domains impart an efficiency layer over the service delivery and business management activities. Over the years, we’ve mastered gateway development, real-time IoT visualization, device drive development, and human-machine interface; this enables us to visualize and develop a service that is unique to your needs. Along with these, our years of experience in web & mobile application development and testing & maintenance helps us to be one step ahead of the customer in answering their demands. Our product development strategy focuses on giving producers more power and autonomy, which in turn results in better decision-making at every stage of the manufacturing. Our client portfolio includes COMCO, Houston Radar, HVACIntel, InduSoft Web Solutions, 3D Incorporated, SkyAxes, Mediatronix, Techno Staff, and Visuallies Engineering Solutions.



Health care organizations need to stay healthy with the technology dose to operate smartly, accelerate strategic goals and revamp the quality of service. To improve the diagnostic and service capabilities of the healthcare industry, Digital Transformation is the next big step. Newer technologies have reshaped the traditional delivery norms, rebuilt inflexible protocols, and revisited severe limitations on patient data and thereby enhanced the quality of healthcare services. The constant R&D and in-hand experience on features such as web and mobile application development, UI/UX development, product engineering & maintenance, and testing enable us to produce these perfect solutions for your business needs. Our healthcare software development services encompass a wide variety of solutions like patient care and welfare, clinical analysis, diagnostic imaging and visualization, and management systems. Lexi Co., Vanderbilt University, Salsabeel, Genpro, Next Steps Connect, and Sendero Group are just a handful of the many clients for whom we curated solutions for their needs.


Enterprise Solutions

Enterprises must manage complex supply chains, conduct agile operations, control costs across the board, and bring game-changing products to market as rapidly as possible. Choosing the right partnering firm is the most difficult problem for businesses when it comes to large-scale development or deployment. Our solutions, which are based on industry experience and topic expertise, can help you maximize innovation, master the complex product life cycle, streamline processes, and save costs. The knowledge stack in product engineering, user interface, and maintenance has allowed us to make a name for ourselves in the area of enterprise custom software solutions. Last but not least, we only care about your satisfaction; we have no restrictions on our work. Not only does our experience speak for itself, but so do the organizations we’ve worked with. PWC, CapitalOne, AMA, Navare Solutions, and Microm are just a few of the long-term clients that have put their faith in us.


Education & Training

The innovations brought in by the technological world in the domain of education and training are fascinating. Cost savings, universal availability, increased flexibility, and higher information retention are among the main reasons why firms are increasingly preferring eLearning and training over traditional approaches. Our expertise in mobile & web application development, data analytics, software testing & maintenance, and AR VR development solutions enables us to offer dependable, realistic, and immersive learning and training modules that meet user expectations. One of our core capabilities includes AR and VR-based training solutions for Naval officers, pilots, and engineers. We’ve used our abilities to create education and training software for the Indian Navy, Mentour Aviation, H.U.G, K12, Texotar, Ad-astra to name a few clients.



With an estimated 2.14 billion individuals looking up eCommerce sites to buy things, establishing a strong online presence is the only way forward. We have extensive experience designing eCommerce apps and websites. As a result, we understand how to combine brand fantasies with our robust tech stack to create your ideal store. To establish the eCommerce website development plan, our eCommerce web experts go over your requirements, identify competitive bottlenecks, and define the scopes. We offer complete setup services to help you launch and manage your online store. Everything for eCommerce websites is accomplished, from strategy to design to development. We provide customized solutions, and our dependable eCommerce partners include Shopify and WooCommerce. With a client list that includes Scoot, Svastha, and Zojila, our skill is readily apparent.