Security and Monitoring

Security and Monitoring solutions by Audicle Cloud Services, provides our customers with a centralized and managed solution for effectively managing access, security and upgrades to computers in a company. These are achieved by implementing various Windows Operating System policies and procedures along with Anti-virus, Device Monitoring and support tools.

Our Security and Monitoring solutions include:

  • Windows Services - A cloud hosted Microsoft Windows DNS and Active Directory and Group Policy service, which effectively will provide access to each employees in your company with his/her unique username and password. This will also ensure that the company network is secured from any threats. By implementing Group Policy, corporations can now implement automatic password change policy, company website as the home page for all users and other internal control structures. 
  • Centralized Anti-virus Management - A centralized anti-virus solution which will ensures all the computers are automatically updated to the latest virus alerts and also ensures that users cannot disable the anti-virus or shut them down. Audicle can also ensure that the licenses are renewed and updated as required.
  • Managed Device Monitoring Solutions - Centrally managed device monitoring solutions will allow to proactively engage in troubleshooting of issues with minimal impact on the daily operations to the company. This is achieved proactively by monitoring network devices such as routers, modem, switches and computers like user desktops, laptops and servers to ensure they are operational and error free. This solution can also extend to check if the internal backups are operational as per schedule.